Keeping the university brand consistent and clean is important to the success of the school. This is why Creative Communications has set these strict guidelines for logo usage.


  • Do not stretch or expand a logo in an attempt to make it bigger. If you need a larger size logo and it is not available on this page, contact Creative Communications.
  • Do not squeeze or condense the logo. If you are attempting to resize the photo, you must constrain the proportions. If you do not know how to properly do this, please contact Creative Communications.
  • Do not change any colors of the logo. Color is a vital part of the logo and the brand it creates.
  • Do not crop the image. Any space surrounding the words and icons within the logo are intentional.
  • Do contact Creative Communications with any questions, concerns or additional logo requests.

NOTE: While Creative Communications is providing these logos for use by authorized individuals and departments, this is not an invitation for others to create and distribute their own marketing or public relations materials. Such materials must be run through Creative Communications in order to ensure brand consistency and campaign accuracy.

Download Logos:

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